Feb 3, 2012

It's Alive!!!

My blog that is. Hard to believe I haven't posted since April of 2011. Yes. 2011. How Lame-o of me. In my defense, the past year has been a serious challenge in the personal department including but not limited to work stress, weight gain and a four year long emotional roller coaster of a relationship. But things have come full circle and now work is on track ( potential big promotion if I can pull off the bazillion projects slated for this year), I lost the weight and I'm single. Hooray for me!

Now that the woes of 2011 are behind me, I can look at 2012 with fresh eyes and a new spirit.

For all those not blessed to live where it's currently warm, here's a little sunny weather inspiration for your weekend:

It feels good to be home!

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Hailey said...

Gorgeous photo!!