Nov 15, 2010

Mid-Month on a Monday

So we are halfway through November (seriously where the hell did this year go???) and that means we are on the countdown to the joys of Thanksgiving, Christmas and my very own birthday! Yes, what's left of 2010 is going to fly by. In addition to all those fun things, it's half way through the bank account lock down. With some serious bills going towards the BF's bday (this week eeekkk!) and Christmas coming up, I had to seriously reign in the extracurricular spending. Weeeelll almost. I might have sorta caved. But only a little! I ran into Forever21 over the weekend to make a return for store credit (BTW F21, thanks for being one of these sucky retailers who only gives refunds for online purchases if I ship it back at my expense. Really. Thank you. I'm on to your clever ploy to keep me buying your cheap trendy clothes!!!) and while I was in the store I thought I might do a little innocent perusing. One hour later I was knee deep in leggings and skinnies in the dressing room. If you can believe it, I only own one pair of (ugly) skinny jeans and one pair of skinny pants. I know. And I claim to be all about fashion. L-A-M-E. It's not that I haven't been trying people. I've told you before about my short legs and most stores don't carry short inseams. So see? It's really just not my fault.

Any who...I ended up getting just a few things for very cheap. It is F21 after all. I had $29 in store credit and I only spent an extra $30. See! Not bad. Not too bad at all. I purchased this really pretty soft gray/purple scarf with metallic threads (can't find it on the website), a super cute black and cream tunic with this great cutout detail at the neck (also couldn't find this on the website!) along with these two pairs of pants:

Center Seam Ponte Leggings in Black {here}
Basic Ankle Zip Jeggings in Dark Denim
I actually wore the seam leggings out on Saturday night to a birthday along with the black and cream tunic and with my newly stretched patent pumps from Ann Taylor and yes readers, it was awesome! Unfortunately there is only one pic of the outfit and trust, it was crappy. I was thinking I might wear this on casual Friday since it's not exactly professional...but if I wanted I could still wear it during the week cause my boss is cool like that.

I had originally tried the seam leggings on in the gray and while very cute, was trying to be responsible and went with the black since I'd been keeping an eye out for that color. But now, two days later, I wish I'd bought both! At only $12.50 why didn't I just get them? Oh yea, lock down...damn you.

I think my will power is weakening because I feel the uncontrollable need to drop them along with this piece of awesomeness into my shopping cart right now:

Twinkling Sequin Mini Skirt
Let me just tell you a story about this skirt. I was in F21 and I saw this skirt from afar and literally ran to it. I made my way through the sizes..M...L..M...M...L...L...this went on for a few more till I got to the very last one. It was a small! But, the sequins were starting to pull from the side. I blame 15 year olds who freaking don't know how to try on clothes. So I passed but promised myself that I'd be checking online. With sequins being such a hot trend right now, I wasn't 100% confident that this skirt (such a unique colorway in the sea of black sequined whatevers!) would still be available in my size online. But I checked nonetheless and it was nowhere to be found. I thought perhaps it had sold out (as the good things at F21 are prone to do). I did have one small ray of hope though. There have been times before where I found something sold out in my size in store and checked online to have it not be there. A few days later it pops up in the 'New' section. So all day Sunday and all day today I've been watching for new merchandise on the F21 website and as of 20 minutes ago, the skirt was listed!


Hmmm I can survive on cereal and top ramen for the rest of the month right???

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