Nov 10, 2010

Window Shopping

So as I've already shared, my bank account is on serious lock down this month due to my BF's upcoming birthday extravaganza. It's going to be A-Mazing! As a consequence, there is pretty much zero shopping allowed. I did 'splurge' and purchase the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer kit since Sephora was having their Friends and Family promo. The products actually arrived yesterday so during this morning's beautification, I tried my hand at applying them. I've already shared the colors I chose to order but when I opened up the Concealer, my heart sank. The color I ordered looked very orange in the pot. I told myself that I was sure it had looked alright during the dry run and that it would be ok. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say nothing is worse than ordering something online only to have it suck in person. Moving on, as I said, I tried both products on this morning and low and behold, success! The Corrector countered the blue in my under eye circles just fine and then I swept on a light application of the Concealer and the color looked great!

Hmmm, I totally did not mean to go on and on about that. This post is really supposed to be about these:

Topshop Flats
These are so cute! I love that these are nude but you get a glimpse of shiny metallic through the cutouts. I've never ordered any shoes (or anything period) from Topshop so I'm not sure of their sizing. If it's anything like Aldo (I'm drawing a comparison since their sizing standard is UK) then they run small so a 5.5 (smallest) might fit.

A girl can dream...and spend imaginary money...

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