Jan 10, 2011

I Just Got Naked!

No dear readers, not that kind of naked.

This kind:

Urban Decay Nakey Eye Palette

I've been lusting after this palette for months, much like some of you I'm sure, and after waiting and waiting for it to come back in stock, the miracle happened! Apparently the UD, Ulta and Sephora websites all got this back in stock and as of right now (ok really Friday night at 6:06 PM), Ulta was the only one left.


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LabelSnob said...

Oh I wish I had known this on Friday!!! I just checked all the sites and all out of stock! I'm on the waiting list though so hopefully I'll get notified soon! I got myself one but my BFF wants one and I've been hunting for her!
Congrats on scoring yourself one!!! You're going to LOVE it!