Jan 20, 2011

Retail Therapy Thursday

On a personal note, this past week or so has kinda been stressful. TGIRTT! (Thank God it's Retail Therapy Thursday! I know, I'm lame...just humor me).

Ahhhhhh, let the healing begin:

Ann Taylor Loft Lace Sleeve Sweater Dress
I spotted this dress in my local ATL about three weeks ago while on a "returning spree" and literally ran to it. It wasn't available in petite and the smallest size they had was a small and it was pretty big. When I got home, I immediately got online to check the website and it wasn't there. I stalked the website for a week and a half before it finally popped up on the website and sizes started in regular XXS! I would have preferred a petite but figured I could make this work since I'm a bit curvier in a few areas than some of you ladies. At the time this appeared on the website, ATL was running a measly 15% off promo. I heavily debated getting it at that price and checked every day to make sure it was still available while I tried to make up my mind. Then, last week, magic happened. 40% PROMO, baby! I had that sucker in my shopping cart so fast it would have made your head spin. I was going to post this dress on last week's edition of WSW (Window Shopping Wednesday) but to be honest, I didn't want you fellow tinies running and buying it before I could. Of course today, all the tiny people sizes are sold out :( sad for you. Muahahaha. Ok, that's mean...but seriously, tee hee.

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I snagged a few goodies during my work (and sometimes play) trip to Texas:

ATL Multi-Ring Double Wrap Belt in Cognac
Sold out in every option online except in black XS
I've been looking for a wrap around belt for several months now and during my same visit to ATL in which I discovered my lace sleeve dress, I saw this belt. They had two in the entire store and this was a new item! I guess I'm not the only one who wants to rock this look. This belt is intended to go around your hips but I wanted to use it to cinch in my waste. Even the XS was not have worked I'm sure so I thought I'd get a little inventive. I thought if I got a big enough size, I could wrap this not twice, but three times around my waste and achieve the look I wanted. During my time in Texas, we hit up the Northpark mall in Dallas and the ATL there had both a medium and large. The large was perfect! This store barely had any either, in fact, I ended up stealing mine off a mannequin. It's cause I'm dedicated like that.

And last but not least, I saved the best for last:

JCrew Cece Flats
No, I didn't buy all three. Just the black. I previously posted about these back in October here.
I have seriously wanted these captoe flats for about six months. Why didn't I just buy them? Because they are $128 and that is obsurd for JCrew flats. Sorry. If you check the link, you can see that they are still $128, so why did I buy these, you may ask? Well dearest readers, because I'm the luckiest girl in the world. True story: I failed to mention that I was with my mom at Northpark (she lives near Dallas so we got to link up) and I dragged her into JCrew to show here these flats in person. Sadly, they were nowhere to be found on the store floor. A very nice sales girl noticed my looking (sadly?) at the shoes and asked if she could help me find anything. I explained that I had dropped in to show my mom a certain shoe and described it to her. She told me to wait a minute so she could check the back. She popped back out with two pairs both of which were ginormous sizes (I'm talking like 10's here) and asked what size I was. I told her I'd tried on a 6 in store and it was very close so I would need a 5. That saint of a girl then told me my shoes were on sale in store for $69 because of a 40% off promo and that she could order them for me through corporate and they would honor the store price. While $70 was still a bit more than I wanted to spend on flats I knew these shoes would never be cheaper on the website with my size in stock and since I'd been lusting for them for so long, I should go for it. I got on the phone with corporate to give them my payment info and at the very end, made an amazing discovery. I had misunderstood the sales girl when she told me the shoes were $69 because of the 40%. The shoes were on sale for $69 PLUS 40% off. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME??? $42 dollars, people. FOURTY-TWO FREAKING DOLLARS. Ok, I'm done...

And that dear ladies, is a fairy tale ending to this week's RTT!

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Roxy Te said...

yes to those flats and that belt! p.s. Love your header! Before my new design I had a lady very similar with a cup of te(a)! :)