Jan 19, 2011

Window Shopping Wednesday

Hi there dear readers! Sorry for my brief absence the first of this week; I've been out of town on business and didn't have access to a "blogger friendly" computer. I feel like I just did last week's post (and I actually kinda did if you look at number of posts between...), but nevertheless, here is this week's edition of Window Shopping Wednesday!

This week's wants include:
ModCloth Luxury Cruise Gown
I've never purchased anything from ModCloth because the reviews are so varied I just don't trust the sizing, but if I was ever going to take the plunge, I'd make this my first purchase. Side note, why the hell is this so expensive?
Banana Republic Tiered Ruffle Back Jacket
 I shared the front of this beyond amazing jacket about a week ago and I seriously cannot get over how gorgeous it is. The $175 price tag, not so gorgeous.

Hmm I'm seeing a trend. My taste = expensive. Let me clarify, expensive for what it is. For some, $200 might not seem like that much money but helllloooo these prices are so inappropriate for Banana and ModCloth. Um hello, what retailer died and made you something special? Tangent...
During my work trip, I did manage to squeeze in a little shopping (of course) and I can't wait to share so stay tuned for tomorrow's edition of Retail Therapy Thursday!


Diary of a Short Girl said...

That ruffled jacket is too cute! Great blog!


Carly said...

Love that long cruise dress. Simply stunning. Pretty much anything printed with gold flocking is OK by me.
Thanks for stopping in on my blog:)
Following you too:)