Jan 12, 2011

Window Shopping Wednesday

A while back I debuted a weekly series called Retail Therapy Thursday which showcased what I was currently lusting after that week. That series has now moved to Wednesday and will be called, drum roll please...Window Shopping Wednesday! You probably guessed that from my title so the surprise was a little less than awesome, wasn't it? Oh well...What's happening to Retail Therapy Thursday, you ask (or at least the crickets chirping in the background wondered to themselves...)? It's staying but instead, I will be sharing any purchases made in the last week! Because really, retail therapy actually has to involve money...

So without further ado, here are this week's wants:

Express Columnist Denim Pants

Express Columnist Pant in True White
I own several pairs of the Express Editors but the Columnist is the newest edition and they are great! Very fitted in all the right places for a petite!

Happy window shopping ladies!

1 comment:

LabelSnob said...

I love Express for work pants. They are the best and really last forever! I love these Denim ones you've posted! I will have to check them out.