Aug 19, 2010

I Like my Accessories Like I Like my Drinks. Spiked.

This season spikes and studs have swept through just about every inch of fashion, most noticibly in my opinion, accessories. Shoes, purses, belts, jewelry. You name it, it's been spike-tified. I personally am pretty much obsessed with this trend and hope that I do not grow tired of it too soon as I want to buy everything I see.

Before I get to the review of what I do have, let me tell you a sob story. Several months ago I was visiting my sister in Texas. We of course went shopping during my stay and stopped into TJMaxx. While there I found the most amazing white purse with gold studs along the bottom. You've seen this same style I'm sure several times over in both high and low. I'm very picky when it comes to purses only carrying two in the last 5 years (my Fendi Spy and a Burberry whose name I've forgotten but is from the Shimmer line that makes its appearance in the Fall). It was leather (unlike most fake crap they carry) and was the perfect blend of trendy and classic. It was by a designer I wasn't familiar with and was only $150.00. I passed it by telling myself that I'd just bought like 5 pairs of shoes and the bleeding had to stop somewhere. Once I got back to Florida, I thought about that damn purse for 2 weeks, even going so far as to go to all three TJMaxxs here and doing a search online only to come up empty handed, and brought it up to my sister almost every time we spoke. I finally decided that budget be damned, I had to have this purse and called my sister to tell her to get it for me. Well wouldn't you know my sister knows me all too well and had already picked it up on my behalf knowing I would be devastated if it was purchased by someone else. She mailed the bag and.....I never got it. It's been about 2 1/2 months now and nothing. It. Is. So. Sad. We don't know where it is (she sent it in the regular mail!!!! No tracking, whyyyyyy?????) so it's pretty much untraceable. We are grasping to an ever-fleeting possibility that it is in limbo and on it's way being returned to her...just go ahead and cry now for my loss...

Ok, now that that's over, onto what I did get my little hands on. For those of you who aren't familiar with nOir Jewelry, get over to their website pronto and look at all the pretties. With that, let me present to you the reason that I can go on living after the purse fiasco:This beauty just makes the world better. The review for this ring is sadly mixed. It looks just as impressive in person as it does in the picture, but it runs small. I ordered a 6 and it fits like a 5. The gold piece is gold-plated with a bronze base. A little chinzy. It's already turned my finger green a few times and the tips have rubbed off exposing the bronze underneath. It's not that noticable but still the fact that exists bums me out. I'm thinking of having it redipped or if I don't get tired of it, having a ring modeled after it using not crappy metal. Regardless, I can't be too upset, the ring set only sells for $60, but I didn't even pay that! It was on Gilt for $25. Score!

The main con with this set of rings was the size. Like I said above, the ring runs a full size smaller. I had purchased this ring specifically for my left hand, middle finger, as my right hand, ring finger already has this lovely and sweet number from Tiffany's given to me by my BF for Christmas last year:
Unfortunately, the only finger on my left hand that the spike ring will fit on is my wedding ring finger. I'm not super hungup on tradition so I began wearing the spikes on the wedding finger and I just got too many comments of "what the hell is that". Soooo since I don't like repeating myself over and over, I had to make a compromise. The gold spike is almost the exact width of the Tiffany's ring. So I just put the two together for a little 'tough and tender' look. The BF calls it 'naughty and nice.' Whatever it is, I'm in love.
What do you think?

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