Aug 25, 2010

Make a Statement

I was perusing ShopStyle the other day looking for a chunky statement necklace a la J.Crew that wouldn't break the budget when I stumbled upon this lovely hot mess:
Gemma Redux Liz Necklace
Love the cluster f* of chains and that beautiful aqua agate *whistles*, yea I'd like to take you home. How much you say? $424.00?! Um, not just no, but hell no. After the pity party, my ADD kicked in and I think I started looking at shoes...

A few days later I was checking out Charlotte Russe (more like shamelessly stalking for the Scalloped Lace Top I wrote about a few days ago) when I saw this necklace and it got me thinking...wonder if I could get my DIY on and make myself a spin off...

Special Note: Ever think about the fact that DIY is just a clever (and legal) way to say "rip off someone else's idea"???

Now, a jeweler I am not, but I do happen to have a friend that dabbles and would have all the necessary tools so...I think it's a go. After a little more hunting around online (what the hell would we ever do without the internet????) I pretty much found everything I'd need to get really damn close.

Feast your eyes on the possibilities (it helps if you squint):


= One Pretty Damn Good DIY

Hell, I'ma gonna start my own business if this genius keeps up.

Stay tuned for the results!

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