Aug 20, 2010

Lace Haste

There are a few big ticket items (sadly I'm not talking about anything to do with decor or fashion) that I'm saving up for in the next year. This means the budget for all 'extracurricular' spending is on the light side starting this month. So when I spied this lace top from Charlotte Russe on another blog about a month ago, I told myself I didn't need it even though it was SO cute. I've been on the hunt for the perfect lace top. Not just any one would do because they can come off as rather childish or tacky, I think. But after seeing how the one from Forever 21 one on Cupcakes and Cashmere could look so classic and glamorous, I knew it was possible. As you all know the Forever 21 one sold out in seconds like all the really awesome stuff at Forever 21 tends to do. Fast forward and I've now started seeing the Charlotte Russe (which several bloggers have reported as being the exact same shirt) pop up on several blogs like Chloe's. Well last week I was toying with the idea of biting the bullet (ok, it was a really small bullet at $20 plus there was a promo code available, but hey, a budget is a budget so I was on the fence). At work on Friday I checked online and they had XS and S (and all other sizes) available but I wasn't sure which size I was since you never know with brands that target the teen market (see Delias post below). On Sunday I headed to my local Charlotte Russe to try on the shirt but the smallest size they had was a S. It was way too big...if the shoulder seam hadn't been so obviously wide I could have pulled it off in the torso, but alas, I'm a stickler for fit. I was going to have to order this lovely online. Our Internet at the house was down all weekend because we were switching providers so I was waiting till Monday to order it at the office. Now here is the really sad part. I went to the website that morning and XS and S were both sold out. NOOOOOOOOO! Oh the devastation. I told myself that it wasn't a complete loss and that is was very possible that stores in neighboring cities might have it and a little drive would be no big deal. All three stores I called said they didn't even get the shirt in. I called my local store hoping that an XS was floating around and hadn't been put back on the rack while I was there Sunday but no luck. To make matters worse, the girl told me that they only received one XS in the order! ARE. YOU. FREAKING. KIDDING. ME? I will save you the #%$%^&@, but seriously, WTF. It's like the world is purposely trying to keep me from this shirt. At this point, I began to mourn my loss. I happened to check back on the comments section of Chloe's post and pretty much everyone who posted said they bought the shirt. Now I know who you are you thieves!!! Hmm, bitter much?

I've been checking back this week everyday thinking that the shirt would magically reappear online in an XS. Yea, right. But dreamers can dream. Thursday I checked the website AND HOLY SMOKES BATMAN THEY HAD XS LISTED. I think I sprinted the 2 yards to my wallet, dropped that bad boy into my cart (along with this other lace top I'd been eyeing online but wasn't available in the store) and am crossing my fingers that there wasn't some inventory error. Watch, I probably just jinxed myself. Damn. Oh well. I'll do an OOTD once it's here in all it's amazing glory.

Shortly after writing this little post, my excitement was taken down a few notches when I received an email of death from Charlotte Russe stating that my lovely lace top was on backorder! Why? Seriously, conspiracy. I'm really hoping this shirt truely is on backorder and there wasn't some inventory error. I've had this same instance happen to me in the past from ModCloth where I ordered something and then a few days later I got an email reporting an inventory error. I hope Charlotte Russe doesn't say 'backorder' and really mean 'inventory error'. I just don't think my little fragile heart could take it. Oh what an emotional rollercoaster this has been.

Update to the Update:
Yesterday I received half of my order from Charlotte Russe containing the black lace top.
Although I tossed this into my shopping cart since they were having a buy one get one 50% off deal, it is pretty cute, although I wish it was longer (it's a cropped length). I'm actually wearing it today at work and even my boss commented on it. Now on to the sad part. Today I received notice from Charlotte Russe that the remainder of my order (ie the scalloped lace top I NEEDED) has been canceled. Awesome. Freaking. Awesome. Cue the tears and pity party. If anyone wanders in to their Charlotte Russe and sees this top in XS, PLEASE BUY IT FOR ME and I will totally buy it from you using paypal or etsy. *sniff*

Update to the Update to...oh you get the idea:
I actually ran back to my local store after all this heartbreak and ended up caving and buying the Small. It's "okay" and I'll get over it since it was only $20.

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