Aug 18, 2010

White Out

I've really been dying for a pair of skinny white pants, be it jeans or more of a thicker legging. This trend isn't' new but it is making a repeat appearance this year and while several of the upscale (read pricey) brands like J Brand and Rich and Skinny have contributed, I've found very few cheaper options from the likes of Forever 21, etc. Of those stores offering white skinnies at a more economical price point, theirs flew off the shelves and have now left me with little to choose from. Procrastination causes me to crash and burn yet again. To add even more to the frustration, I have to deal with my height (I'm 5'3" with most of my so called height taking place in my torso) so finding pants with an inseam that fits can be tough. There is always the option of getting them tailored, but why if I can avoid the time and cost?

I use ShopStyle religiously but have to admit that while the number of brands they represent is impressive, there is still a treasure trove of online retailers that they don't cover, making searching for that perfect piece a bit of a hunt. Enough griping. Moving forward, I have finally hit as close to the jackpot as I can get.

In the jean category, we have these Taylor skinnies from Delias. This particular color is only available online but they do carry the Taylor cut at my local Delias so I headed in there this past weekend to try them on for size and inseam. Let me just say that there's nothing like going in to a store that targets the teen bracket to really make you feel like a fatass. While I'm normally a 0, I found myself sizing all the way up to a 3! Now I'm not saying that a 3 is fat, far from it, but its easy to get hung up on the size on the tag. However, I'm a firm believer that any size that doesn't give the dreaded muffin top is a good choice so I'll just get over my ego and go with it.

  • They are white (obviously).
  • They come in several inseam options for my stubbies.
  • They had a decent amount of stretch.
  • The butt pockets were at a good height, not too high, not too low. Low butt pockets that give you saggy ass syndrome are the worst! If you are guilty of this, step away from the pants.
  • All jeans are buy 1 get 1 50% off.
  • Only available online. I like instant gratification.
  • The leg opening at the foot is just a little shy of what I would consider a true skinny.
In the legging category, we have these babies from Express. Is it just me or has Express finally stepped up their game this year? I've already hit up my local store to try these on and they are a really nice weight and have this killer seam on the back. The length is a tad too long but nothing a quick trip to tailor won't fix. I'd actually like these in both white and the nude. I'm picturing the nude with some yummy cognac boots that I have my eye on (if I bite the bullet, I'll do a review!)

  • Color options are all classics.
  • The weight is thick enough to hide any discrepancies I might or might not have.
  • That seam in the back is freakin awesome.
  • They are buy 1 get 1 50% off.
  • Length, but again I can get them hemmed rather cheaply.
  • The waist sits a little high but I'm planning on wearing long and flowy shirts with it. Skinnies + tight/short shirts = tacky people. Do the math.
  • As usual, all the cute stuff goes in my size in about 2.5 seconds. The Express I went to only had one 0 which I used to try on in size so I'll probably be ordering these online.
Stay tuned to find out if I take the plunge!

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