Aug 27, 2010

Tassel Tale

You know what I love? A good tassel. It reminds me of the days when penny loafers were cool (as in past tense you hear me designers? Stop trying to bring them back in their original incarnation.) and junior high was awkward. Ahhhh the good ol' days.

I'd like to add a little tassel in my life and below are the perfect pretties to make it happen:
TopShop Tassel Flats in Red
Love the tomato red combined with the gold hardware. The perfect mix of yuppie chic. These also come in black but sadly they're sold out in my size. Boo.

Cap Tassel Ballet Flats in Oatmeal
Ok so in love with these. I'd buy these in 2.5 seconds except someone (named Gap) has not made the connection that we aren't all giants with huge feet and some of us actually wear 5/5.5's. Way to be there for me Gap.

Gap Tassel Flats in Deep Indigo
Another love of my life from the Gap. Yet AGAIN no luck on my size. You know, seriously. WTF. I thought I might be able to heff it up and fill out a 6 but the reviews all report these shoes fitting loose. Gee. Surprise. Freakin. Surprise.
Asos Tassel Belt...blah blah long name

This faux suede tassely goodness needs to be mine. The gray. The tassel. The faux. Ok maybe not the faux. With Asos running a 15% off promo right now PLUS free shipping and returns, don't mind if I do.

French Connection Moroccan Handbag in Pink
Oh that is soooo pretty. This bag is suede so you know it's going to fit nice and snuggly under your arm. That substantial tassel had me at hello. And look. I spy with my little eye...studs! You know I how I feel about some studs.

Tory Burch Clutch in Yellow
So technically this clutch doesn't have a tassel but that fringe does give it a very tassel-esque appearance, no? Yes, the answer is definitely yes. I also love the yellow; nothing like a little pop of yellow to say "look at me. I'm a freakin ray of sunshine. Bask in my aura."

Happy weekend pretties!

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