Sep 17, 2010

Airing my Dirty Laundry

My first review!

Several months ago I spotted these adorable d'orsay jelly flats from Chinese Laundry:
Chinese Laundry Sweet Caroline Flats
Oh, you had me at hello, you! After doing a routine search on Shopstyle, I discovered that this shoe didn't exist in a size 5. Bummer for me, as usual.

To add insult to injury much later, a girl friend of mine came padding in with these babies on pronouncing how cute they were. Umm hello, yea I know. I saw them 3 months ago, I thought. She scored them at Ross. I won't even go into what I think about Ross. Or her for shopping there (bygones!...).

Moving on to earlier this week. I was looking at shoes the other day when what do I spy with my little eye? These lovelies in a size 5 on Endless. AHHHHHHH (cue the celestial lights)! They were on sale, free 2 day shipping and I threw Ebates in there. I waited all morning for them and they finally arrived a few minutes ago.


While they were definitely as cute if not cuter in person, they had a trifecta of flaws:
  1. The smell. Ohh the smell. Imagine if rubber were alive, and then it died and started to rot, yea, this would be the smell. 
  2. They made an awful (ie embarrassing) sound when I walked. No, I have not had too many tacos, those are my shoes, thankyouverymuch. I think not.
  3. I could have looked past all this (ok, well maybe not number 2. Pun intended. Hahah. I crack myself up) BUT these shoes were HUGE. See below (yes, that's correct, pictures! Of me! Well at least a part of me...):
Look at that toe space! Perhaps I should blame this on the fact that I'm not cursed with long 'fingery' toes. Or not.

If I moved my foot all the way forward, you can see just how big these are. I know I'm not smaller than a 5, so these shoes are just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!

That's ok, I have 5 more potential candidates coming next week (3 boots and 2 gym shoes (technically the gym shoes are the same pair, just two diff. sizes in two different colors) which I've mentioned in older posts. MAYBE one of those won't be disappointing.

Is anyone else feeling sorry for me or is it just me?

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Toothfairy said...

Nope, I feel sorry for you too, as I have the exact same problem... :(