Sep 14, 2010

Fit Fight

After my first failed attempt at finding new gyms shoes, I'm on the hunt again. Nothing really new has popped up ohhh say in the last 2.5 seconds since I looked the last time but I am trying to broaden the scope of what I deem acceptable as a desperate attempt to nip this shiz in the bud.

Enter in the following candidates:

Reebok TrainTone Slimm
Sketchers was the first to come out with the 'toning' technology and boy where those some ugly ass shoes. Listen, nothing personal if you own and enjoy a pair because everyone has their own opinion, but mine is that they look like correctional shoes. And not in the good toning way.

Reebok jumped on board coming out with the EasyTones for walking and then the RunTones and now they have the TrainTones. All three use balance ball technology with little air pockets. While these shoes are seriously lacking in the design department, I could look the other way if they are as comfortable and toning (yes really!) as the reviews say. But. And there's a big BUT. There are several reports of the balls actually deflating or popping and going flat in as little as two months with moderate use. Umm Reebok; where's the R&D here? So my opinion of these has officially deflated. Har. Har.

Moving on, we have this promising option:

Nike Air Max Trainer Essential

The other color ways: Liking the royal blue and hot pink too.
I looked at these one before but they only had three colors (not shown) and of course the color I liked was already sold out in my size at the time. Now Nike has come out with several other colors. There are only 2 reviews and while positive, you never know. I'll continue looking through the week but if nothing else miraculously goes on the market, I'll give these a try.

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