Sep 16, 2010


Lacey Black Dress that is.

The BF and I love ourselves some TrueBlood. We weren't able to watch the third season as it aired this year (long story) but we recently downloaded the first half of the season and we've snuggled in with a lot of yummy snacks the last few nights playing catch up.

For those of you who don't watch or aren't fans, I'll spare you my opinion of you for not watching, BUT I will give you a sneak peek of the awesome vampire fashion you are missing:

Lorena i.e. evil vampire biatch
Do you see this gloriousness that she is wearing??? Look at that neckline...oooohhh I want. No. NO. I need. I've mentioned my love of lace before, but this brings me to a whole new level of obsession. Doing a little research online gave me this sad conclusion:
"Lorena’s black lace dress was designed by Audrey Fisher and built in house, so it’s a one of a kind item. Well, almost. Audrey says, “We had to make five of them for all that ripping!” Yes, this is the dress Lorena wore during that infamous, head-turning sex scene. Unfortunately, since this is an Audrey Fisher original, you won’t find that exact dress in stores anywhere. However, there are some very similar dresses out there. This one from D&G has similar lines, or there’s this Valentino featuring a similarly demure neckline. Johnny Martin has a more budget friendly version, although it loses some of the sophistication found in Audrey’s original design..."
I'll spare you the links for all the alleged look-a-likes, because trust me, they don't.

Not to be deterred, I quickly jumped over to ShopStyle and did a hard search myself. And trust me, it was hard. I think there might have been 300 pages or something ridiculous and time consuming...

A lot of times when I try and do this, I come up empty-handed. But NOT today! Feast your eyes on this:

Free People Tea for 2 Dress
 Obviously this is more 'inspired by' than an exact replica but I really like this option. I wasn't too crazy about the entire dress in TrueBlood being covered in lace...a little too much for my taste. What I loved was the delicate, scalloped lace at the neck which this Free People number accomplishes almost dead on. I do loose the sweetheart neckline and the shift cut of the original which I would have preferred but I know beggars can't be choosy. I will say that you do have to be a little daring to pull of this dress because as you can see, no bras allowed and there's potential side boobage. Nothing a small chest (which I just happen to own!) and little fashion tape couldn't fix.

My other option is to DIY something but my search for a bodycon dress with a straight or sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps turned up nill. I'll keep searching just in case.

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