Sep 13, 2010

We Had a Spat

After seeing this post on Spat boots on Chloe's blog forever ago and all the subsequent OOTD's, I've been dying to get my hands on my very own Spat boots.

After searching forever, I finally found these which I mentioned lusting over once before.

Steve Madden Maryn Boots in Cognac

Well, still lusting but the price has me pausing (is it still considered a pause after a month?). These boots originally will set you back $269.99 on Steve Madden's website but other places like Nordies and Piperlime are throwing out a $229 price tag. Really that isn't that much for good boots, but you see people, I live in Florida, so really spending over $1 on boots is kind of absurd. But as a native Texan, old habits die hard and maybe I just like to suffer. Steve Madden is currently running a Fall special where these boots are $199. But wait, there's more. I also received a 20% off promo for updating my email preferences so these boots are only $165ish! Yea, I know, seems like a no brainer but truth be told, I'm not 100% sold on the wedge vs. stiletto boots. It just seems like an awful lot of cognac...but these have been the first Spats I even remotely liked that were in my price range.

Moving to today. Just got an email from DSW about new boots. I always like to peruse so I clicked on over and looky what I found. Spaty stiletto goodness.

Diba Trick Key Boot in Black
The shaft height is about 13 inches which seems perfect for my stubby legs!
Jones New York Florentina Boot in Taupe
Loving this color and that little heel detail is super cute!
Kelly & Katie Rose Boot
These are a nice dark chocolate brown which would shake up my mostly black shoe collection.

The prices are all awesome ($49, $119 and $69 respectively)! So what did I do? I bought all three pairs! It's free shipping and free returns in store so I thought, why not buy all three, see if any work and then return the others! Wow, a lot of exclamation points. Any one of these will be cheaper than the Steve Madden's and I don't have to deal with the wedge. I did really love the cognac so maybe I'll suck it up.

Review coming soon! One of these days I'm going to post pictures (warning: they will be Grade-A craptastic because my Sony cybershot is cybersucky).

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