Sep 29, 2010

When Did Talbots Get Cute?

Seriously. I was randomly thrown on their site the other day after clicking on the most adorable purse (pictured below) to find out where to buy it. Talbots. Really? Talbots? This is such a 'mom' store. Or so I thought. One look at their lookbooks and catalogues from the past several months has made me do a 180. Chic clothes? Check. Awesome handbags? Check. Freaking cute shoes in my size? Check, check, check!

Has anyone else noticed the turnaround several chains are doing? WHBM was always a little matronly to me and they've gotten much cuter in the last few years. Ann Taylor has been blowing my mind for the last year and now enter Talbots. 'Mom' store no more!

Take a look at this eye candy:
And this:

Talbots, Talbots, Talbots, Talbots, Talbots

Sidebar: Why is this image tiny, not centered and just overall pissing me off? Before you start: yes I checked the formatting...

See what I mean?

There is a ton of other cute stuff on their website but for some reason, neither Polyvore or ShopStyle is picking it up...

Give Talbots a chance! I will definitely be using them for some styling inspiration!

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