Oct 1, 2010

Happy Friday!

I was feeling particularly uninspired to do anything blog-related this week, except read blogs, and how I read them. Lots of them. Since I started this fashion-ish blog I've noticed I've really been neglecting the design-love side of my life. And this, dear readers, just will not do. So I've been catching up and rekindling my love for viewing millions of pictures of other people's amazing homes, because frankly, my place sucks.

Today a small group of friends and I are heading to the East coast of Florida to hit up Hardrock and have a little R'n'R. For most of you fashionable ladies out there, you've long forgotten swimsuits. Oh, but not me. I find myself lusting for them all season long.

Here are some swimmys I wish I were bringing with me:

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