Oct 25, 2010

Super Sales

Is it just me or have there been some killer sales lately?

Case in point: I received an email this morning from Talbots about a shoe flash sale: 40% off any regularly priced shoes plus free shipping! I have been eyeing some serious foot candy over there and since I've never purchased any shoes from Talbots thought this might be a good time to do it.

It was a really tough choice readers with so many awesome picks like these, these and these. After much deliberation (and a quick check of the old bank account) I decided on these:

Suede Kiltie & Plaque Platforms in storm grey
We all know how I feel about a tassel and I've been on the hunt for a nice gray (grey?) shoe for work for a while. There are several other shoes on the site in this same color but they all read less blue than the color above. More of a seal gray? I guess I won't know until the they get here! These were $149 with 40% off so they came to about $94 total. Not too bad. They don't carry 5's or 5.5's in the store so I'm not sure which size I am but I went with a 5; here's hoping they fit!  

In other news:

Over the weekend I also bought these:

Ann Taylor Perfect Platform Pump
I've really needed some classic black pumps for work, etc. and honestly just haven't found any that fit right. Pumps are super hard for me because my feet are kind of in between sizes. If I had my choice I'd go for some Loubs but alas, I'm poor. These are already on sale down from $175 to $99. I wanted to take advantage of the 20% off $100 so I also threw in these to pump me up on the cheap:

Ann Taylor Addison Flip Flop
Can you believe these were actually $58 originally? WTH Ann Taylor!?!? Are you freaking crazy? Moving on. These were final sale at $9.88 and the only size left were 5's. Flip flops are very forgiving in the size category so I felt good about the ominous 'final sale' badge.

Those put me over, I took my 20%, threw in some Ebates and shazam.

I also won this off Ebay last night:

Ann Taylor Sparkling Necklace
I fell in love with this necklace online and went to my local store to see it in person. They only had one left and the back had a few sharp points where the metal didn't get melted properly. I would think for $68 this wouldn't be the case. Later I went back to hit up the massive 40% off everything on sale promo (which I totally scored on: reviews to come!) and it was no longer there. I checked out Ebay and there it was for $19.99. Yes, please and thank you.

 Happy Monday!

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