Oct 24, 2010

Undercover Lover

Sadly, the weekend is almost over but I did have a productive one so I'll make it.

I've been on the hunt for a new undereye concealer recently. I currently use some cheapo from Neutrogena and it's not quite cutting it. It's a little drying and both the color and coverage is a little too light. Sad thing is, it's my second tube. I know. I said it was sad.

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Bobbi Brown products but have never had the opportunity to try any of them. Sephora began offering BB (again I believe?) but unfortunately, my local one doesn't carry it in store yet. This poses a problem. You see, as much as I shop online, I can't shop for makeup. Well most makeup. Since I moved to Florida, I've developed some sort of eye allergy or sensitivity and the vast majority of products out there cause serious redness. This means if I have a 'reaction' to something I've had to order online, I can't return it in most cases. This causes an empty bank account and a pissy Cari. Such a bad combo.

I was on the BB website this weekend and checked out where the closest BB counter was (I was expecting it to be Miami or Tampa, both of which are about 2.5 hours away). Wouldn't you know it there's a counter in Saks which happens to be literally 5 minutes from my house. As a side note, Saks has the worst hours ever! They close at 6 every day but Sunday which is 5. WTH.

I hopped in the car and headed over to try these two products (the colors shown are actually 'my' colors):

The Corrector is sort of a pinky primer and as the name implies, corrects any discoloration issues for dark under eye circles. The Concealer set goes on top of this and is more yellow (to match foundations) and then there is a little pot of transparent setting powder underneath. Am I crazy for looking at trading in one step for three? Hmmm.

The girl at the counter was very nice. She had me sit down while she matched me with the correct color and applied it. After she was done, she handed me the mirror and I had some mixed emotions. The coverage was A-MAZING and the colors were a great match BUT the poor girl's application was awful. It was incredibly thick and poorly blended. I kept thinking, "Who wears this much makeup?" This of course is coming from someone who wears concealer and bronzer for her 'face'. Maybe I'm just out of touch with the norm?

Anyways, despite these distractions, I really liked both products. There has definitely been some creasing but I think that's because there was just too much product. Also, its been a few hours since then and my eyes don't seem to be bothered. I think overall we have some winners!

These items aren't that expensive, 50ish for both, but there's no need not to take advantage of a little promo action going on at Sephora. It's Friend's and Family time till November 3rd so there's 20% off, plus free shipping on orders over $50 PLUS I can throw Ebates in there. Score!

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!

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