Oct 29, 2010

Another Reason to TGIF

While I have yet to do a lot of posts (or any???) on design, trust me I will once I have something to talk about. I live with one of my girlfriends and my decorating is pretty much confined to my bedroom and bathroom. When I initially moved in, I took care of the 'musts' like painting and bringing in furniture (to make a really long and boring story short, I was starting from scratch so the only thing the room had in it was a bed frame and mattress) and have slowly started to incorporate more accessories to make it feel like 'home'.

All the babble to say: one of my favorite design blogs is hosting a $45 giveaway from CSN. In case you aren't familiar, CSN is a huge umbrella site that has something like 200 stores in it. Come to think of it, some of those stores are shoes, etc. so I guess this does go along with my normal posting??? Hmmm...whatever.

Check out It's Great to be Home to enter (I really don't want you to enter, so you know, I can win, but I'm trying to be nice). Liz is extremely adorable and she and her husband house flip from time to time: they've done some really great work! They are currently on their second (?) flip and things look like they are going well. Her blog is also a great source for inspiration; check out the link to her flickr page!

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