Oct 21, 2010

Retail Therapy Thursday

Apparently my lack of motivation to blog has turned into a full on MIA status over here at SS. Where have I been all your life?! Relax readers, I'm back in action.

I thought it might be fun to start a series that shows just what I'm lusting after the past week. I'm going to call it Retail Therapy Thursday. See, there's even a graphic. Fancy.

Right now I'm thinking that's just sooo clever but if I am indeed not as clever as I thought and this already exists (which come on, I'm sure it does somewhere out in blogland), just don't tell me so I can bask in my awesomeness just a wee bit longer.

I'd start today but everything I've been eyeing...well...I bought. Hmmm...opps. Yes major damage to the old bank account this month. Seriously. Will be eating top ramon for the next 8 to 85 weeks. But as these mishaps tend to do, there is a silver lining! Lots and lots of fashion fun for me to share! See, I told you I was back!

Now if only I could do something other than whine about that crappy camera I have...

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