Oct 29, 2010

Party (Dress) Like it's 1999

You know what I love? Party dresses. How fun is it get super dolled up for a night on the town? Very. I'm already starting to see several bloggers bust out their wish list for New Year's Eve, the quintessential party for a dress that's just the right amount of over the top.

I was perusing ASOS (as I tend to do) and I stumbled upon the most perfect option for moi.

Holy freaking awesome Batman. Stop the presses. I need this. Right. Now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Hello New Year's Eve 2010:

ASOS Lispy Loves Dress
Can you believe this gorgeousness? Black is always right and look at that embellished neckline and structured shoulders!!! If the Heaven's ever parted, I think this would fall from the sky. Preferably in my little hands.

However, all my dreams were dashed when I saw my size was sold out. Damn you fellow tiny people! I blame the UK's.

In other news:

I received my patent pumps (posted here) from Ann Taylor yesterday. The 5's actually fit very well but the toe box is a tad on the narrow side. Thankfully, Ann Taylor only uses genuine leather for it's shoes so these can be stretched. In case you were unaware, man-made patent is garbage and can hardly ever be stretched using the traditional methods without staining or cracking.

Enjoy your weekend!

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