Sep 9, 2010

Ho Hold It

I received my much anticipated shoes for the gym from Endless a few days ago. My reaction?

Enough Said.
In case you're wondering what the hell a picture of Ho Ho's has to do with anything, read the post before this one. The search (and numb feet) continues.

As a special note, I actually didn't know these were Ho Ho's. I always referred to this particular treat as Swiss Rolls (which is what Little Debbie calls them). The things I was actually referring to are apparently called Ding Dongs. To requote myself from earlier, I'd "be running straight for the Ding Dongs." I like to think this is a (somewhat) G-Rated blog so I don't think I'll be running for anything with the word "Dong" in it anytime soon.

In other news, I want this:

Tucker Classic Cami Dress
Oh I love a pretty floral on an equally pretty cut dress. What's that you said? It's so summery and we are in Fall? Hellloooo. I live in Florida and every day is summer. Sue me.

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