Sep 23, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

Sorry readers (really just one, maybe two...umm a little help here; spread the news!) for my vacancy on the ol' blog. I've been out of town on business and while I returned home Tuesday, I just now got to functioning. Yesterday was a little foggy at work but my day was instantly brightened when I received not one, but TWO packages containing one of my favorite things in the whole wide world (www?): shoes! Three pairs of spat boots and two pairs of tennis shoes. Yes, it was a good day.

Now on to the reviews!

First up we have the Diba Trick Key Boot:

  • Shaft height of 13" hit at a great height.
  • Shaft opening was cut nice for my calf size even when worn with bare legs.
  • The cheapest of the three coming in at $49.
  • All man-made materials and looked obviously so.
  • I'm not sure if it was the heal or the arch, but something made this shoe a little uncomfortable.
  • The zipper is quite large, a standout silver and was on the outside of the leg (I never jumped on the zipper trend).
Verdict in Theory: Return

Next we have the Jones New York Florentina Boot in Taupe:

  • Really nice color and also comes in black.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Real leather and suede.
  • Suede, spat and ankle buckle details are all on trend.
  • Subtle zipper that's on the inside of the leg.
  • Most expensive of the three at $119.
  • Suede shaft caused a slouching effect (ok I guess, but not the look I'm going for).
  • Shaft opening a bit too large for my legs
  • While the details are on trend, it's a little trend overload for my taste. They seem like they might get 'old' after I've worn them for a season and since I rarely get to wear boots in Florida, I'd rather buy something with a little more staying power.
Verdict in Theory: Return

Last we have the Kelly and Katie Rose Boot in Dark Brown:

  • Very comfortable.
  • Subtle zipper on the inside of the leg.
  • More substantial heel than the others; might be easier to walk in/more comfortable when worn for long periods of time.
  • Stiff shaft (giggle, ok I'm done) that stayed put.
  • Good price point at $59.
  • Man made materials BUT not obvious (I made this a con only on principle. Boo man made).
  • The insoles of this particular pair were not put in correctly; there was some weird bumpiness I could feel when these shoes were on.
  • A little taller shaft than I would have liked.
Verdict in Theory: Exchange for pair that has better insoles

All Spats found on DSW's website.

For the tennis shoes, I purchased the same pair in two different colors and two different sizes. To save some time, I put one shoe on of each:

Disclaimer: Yes, I'm very pale despite living in Florida.
What can I say? No one makes wrinkles look sexy.

Also, these pictures are so crappy! I need a new camera...

I ordered these Nike Air Max Trainers in both the dark gray and the pink. The 5.5's were the winner here (because of socks maybe?) and while they weren't uncomfortable to walk around in, I didn't exactly feel like I was walking on air either...I like the style overall and the dark gray is really chic. But still, I'm not sure. I'm beginning to feel burned out searching for new tennies so I'll sleep on it.

Verdict in Theory: Unknown

I'm going to continue thinking this over for another week or so before I take any action so if you'd like to weigh in, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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