Mar 24, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #6

It's time again for another Petite Fashion Challenge!

This times challenge is hosted by Jess from Stylepint. If you haven't checked out her blog (which if you're reading this and part of the petite community, you probably have!) head over and see how adorable she is.

The challenge:

“Dress Up Your Basics”

Jeans and a tee is a classic outfit starter. Depending on what you layer over this basic pairing, you can change style and feel of the entire look. This is your chance to show your personality and your creativity.

For this challenge, start off with a jeans and tee basic look (it can be any style or color) and dress it up to show off your personal style with accessories, jewelry, and whatever you’d like to add.
Here's my look!

Outfit Details:
Jeans: Express, 00 Short
White Shirt (ok not a t-shirt but you'll read why below): Old Target, XS
Cardigan: Target, XS
Belt: Ann Klein, XS
Shoes: Jones New York, 5

I wanted to keep this outfit true to the challenge but I thought it would be more realistic to show something I would actually wear...and since most of my life is spent at work, this is what you get! Hence the white button-up and not a white t-shirt, although that would have been an easy substitute. Subsequently, this is what I actually wore today as I am on a business trip and had a casual meeting scheduled earlier this afternoon. As a side note; sorry for the incredibly horrible pictures. I was A) without my tripod, B) in a huge hurry snapping these trying to hit the road and C) in my roommates room since she has the only floor length mirror in the house.

Can't wait to see what everyone else came up with!


Michelle said...

Cute cardigan!!

Aubrey said...

You have a gorgeous figure! The jeans and pointed shoes elongate your torso beautifully, and I just love that cardigan!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Love the patterned cardigan!

PetiteLittleGirl said...

I love your cardigan too. The belt goes perfectly well with it. Great job with this challenge.

Alterations Needed said...

Agree with everyone else the cardigan! That print is great and the colors are really versatile.

Olyvia said...

The color and print of the cardigan is lovely! I also love how the shoes match too.

Cee said...

I love pairing a plain tee with a colorful/printed cardi too. You look great!

curls-and-pearls said...

I just love that cardi - can't believe it's from target! This is a perfect go to outfit.

Stylepint said...

From the belt to the shoes, I love how you emphasized your shape in this outfit! It's a great go-to work outfit! =)

Banhannas said...

Your jeans look so formal! They don't look casual at all.

Jen HaHA said...

At first I thought that was a jacket, but it's a cardi! Cool! I like that pattern. I also like it belted.
Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Tara said...

That cardigan is so adorable!

Erin said...

I thought the cardigan was a jacket too! Very cute and I agree that you should do the challenge using stuff you'd wear :)


awesome post!
Love your fashion sense too :) =D

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Petite in the City said...

I love your cardigan! I never knew Target had such great finds. The belt is looks great with the entire outfit.