Mar 31, 2011

Retail Therapy Thursday

It's time!

A few weeks ago the BF and I were out for the evening and we popped into a Borders that was going out of business. It was pretty picked over but while browsing I managed to snag a few books: two on fashion and one from Tracy Anderson:

This book has been out for awhile so you can get it pretty cheap!
I've been a fan of Tracy and her method for quite some time, in fact, one of the first posts I did shared a few videos from her. This woman is seriously amazing. I mean, look at that body! Girl. Crush. Anyway, this book is a guide (muscle training, dance cardio and diet) for a 30 day period. In edition to the print visuals, the book also includes a DVD which breaks down all the moves.

You'll often find many petites who are concerned about looking young or childlike because of our small stature. I'm sure I speak for most when I say being petite is pretty awesome. Yes, we have trouble finding clothes that fit, but that's nothing that a trip to the tailor can't fix. For me (and this is my personal opinion) the best way to combat looking like a child is to develop a bit of muscle and tone, which of course, most female kiddos don't have. Having some definition makes you look feminine, healthy and mature. Again, this is what I feel is best for me...I'm sure some of you disagree and that's just fine.

That being said, I've mentioned a time or two that I've been trying to work towards improving my figure. Yes, I'm slender, but for me this isn't enough. I want to look strong. There are a million way to go about getting this way but I'm particularly drawn to Tracy Anderson's method because she bases her workout on long, lean muscles. Extra important if you're petite!

I've been working out for the past five weeks with two fellow petite girlfriends in the AM before work (yes, that means geting up at 5:30...not fun at the beginning) doing weights and light cardio and I've already seen some improvements. I've a big believer in muscle confusion so I had planned on changing my routine after 6 weeks. When I discovered the Tracy Anderson book, I decided to move things ahead of schedule and start sooner. I talked it over with my workout buddies and they are all on board too. Officially, we will be starting the 30 day program tomorrow, April 1st and working out daily for 30 days. Tonight we will be taking our 'before' pictures and measurements.

In anticipation, I've finally bought some new athletic shoes. They are actually personally recommended by Tracy and the reviews are incredibly good.
Asics Gel Kayano 17
I searched for a long time to find some stylish gym shoes but as you can see, pretty much gave up. They had a few other color options but I thought the black would be the best for dirt and would help hide the less than stylish design.

We are all excited about the next 30 days! Hopefully I will have some great before and after pictures to show you!

Till next time pretties,

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