Mar 7, 2011

Dressing Room Review

Happy Monday lovelies! Over the weekend, I popped into Ann Taylor Loft looking for the make-up bag I featured here and while they didn't have it, I did find several petite items to try on in the sale section that were an extra 40% off. While I told myself I wouldn't be spending any more money on clothes this month after I purchased these dresses since they were a teeny bit of a splurge, I couldn't resist going in. After all, I was just going to try them on...

First up is a dress that's made it's way around the petite blog world. Tried on in a 00P:

Floral Sheath Dress
I've seen this dress look quite cute on several bloggers but for me, this was a total miss. The fit was large in the back, waist and chest, and the color was less than flattering on my pasty skin. Also gave me sort of a baby bump. NOT GOOD. The pattern was cute and I loved that it had pockets but ultimately I left it for another buyer.

Next was this very similar dress to the Floral Sheath tried on in a 00P as well:
This dress doesn't seem to be available on the website anymore so I unfortunately don't know the name of it but the cut is very similar to the one above minus the pleating at the neck and the pockets. The fabric on this one is sort of a metallic jacquard. The color was more flattering but again, it was quite large overall. The top picture shows me pinching a good inch and a half on one side alone. This dress went back on the rack as well.

Finally we have this pair of pants and shirt:
Striped Boat Neck Sweater in Light Guava | Marisa Versatile Slim Crop Pants in Steel Grey
{here} | {here}
Citrus colors were all over the runways in pre-spring shows and have made their way quite nicely in mass retail stores. I've picked up a few pieces in these shades already and I'm loving them! ATL hardly had any of these sweaters left and sadly, the smallest size they had was a SPS which you can see it quite large. I needed a XXSP but could have dealt with a XSP, but alas, online only has larger sizes left and the closest store that had my size in stock was several hours away, so I had to pass. The crops reminded me a lot of the ATL Scuba pants and the J Crew Minnies, both of which have found homes in many petite's closets. However, while I can't attest to the Scubas, I've tried on the Minnies and they ran large in the crotch, plus the word on the street is they stretch out with wear, which is too bad since I love the cut and color options. I own two pairs of slim fitting crops in black and white from FCUK and I love how they make my legs look so when I saw the Marisas in grey, I grabbed them. I tried on a 00P and thought overall the fit was quite nice. The length is a few inches too long but nothing my tailor couldn't fix. I did try them on in a 0P just in case (sorry no pics) and there was a good inch and a half waist gap so I went back to the smaller size.

Ultimately, I purchased the Marisa Crops which retail for $69 and I picked them up for $31. I think I can justify it :)


curls-and-pearls said...

Those pants look great on you very flattering. Too bad about the dresses, the first one looks so pretty in the stock photo.

PetiteLittleGirl said...

I tried both dresses in store the other day and it was a miss for me too. The print is lovely but the fit wasn't that great. I am glad you were able to picked up the Marisa crops. Have a great week.

alexis said...

Did you notice that the slats on the dressing room door are facing down and in so anyone can see you while you are changing?