Mar 3, 2011

Retail Therapy Thursday

I know I sound like a broken record by now with all the "I've been so busy"s and "will get back to posting soon"s. Yea, I'm kinda tired of it too. I've really been wanting to do more OTD posts but I've found it's kinda hard. I know a lot of you photograph your OTD's on the weekend in preparation for posts on upcoming days of the week, and many of you take a quick shot in the AM before work or whatever outing and even many more take them once they get home but I haven't quite found my groove yet. AM pics are not going to happen because I'm literally walking in 2 minutes before work starts everyday as it is and after work, we have about 2.5 seconds of daylight left so it makes trying to freshen up and get pics in before the natural light is gone pretty much exhausting. Although I might be saved once day light savings hits in the next few weeks. I haven't tried the weekend way so perhaps this is my calling.

Moving on to my favorite day of the week: it's Retail Therapy Thursday!
Here are the pretties I bought this week:

JB by Julie Brown Bullseye Geometric Jersey Dress

JB my Julie Brown Melanie Dress
I have desperately been seeking a cute jersey tunic type dress ala Lilly Pulitzer but never quite found one that wasn't A) 2.5 million dollars, B) too short or C) just plain ugly. I happened to stumble upon the selection over at Bluefly of these pretty options by JB by Julie Brown and it was love. Originally just over $200 each, the dresses were marked down by nearly 50% plus they had a code for Shopstyle searchers of $40 off $200 plus Ebates had 3.5% cash back. This was a no brainer.

I'm so excited to add these two summery dresses in punchy prints to my closet! Here's hoping they fit; eek!


Erin said...

Cute dresses!! When it comes to outfit photos for me, I just take them as soon as I get home from work. I don't have any natural light at all in my condo, so the pics end up kinda stinky, but I figure it's better than nothing :)

Anonymous said...

What a steal! Love your new dresses!