Mar 9, 2011

Window Shopping Wednesday

My dresses from Bluefly that I posted about here arrived this week and I am in love with one, but so so on the second. I'm planning on snapping a few pics (hopefully?) tonight for a little show and tell. That being said, as I mentioned on Monday, I'm curtailing spending (ok that's kind of a lie: I already bought some stuff from Victorias Secret, but it was a good deal so I couldn't resist! Will be posting those in tomorrow's RTT.) for the month but that doesn't stop me from window shopping!

 Here is what I wished for this week:

ATL 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Blouse
Love the nautical nod this shirt has: would look especially cute with white skinny jeans and a waist cinching cognac belt!

ATL Place Stripe Flyaway Cardigan
One word: pretty. Do you see a trend with the stripe loving action I've got going on today?

And last but not least, the love of my life that I'll never get to own because apparently the entire world is sold out in all but a pitiful handful of (not my) sizes...
Penny Loves Kenny Tetra Pumps in Ivory
Ummm GASP. Nude + soft pink + gold metallic studs + captoe = LOVE. Seriously.

Happy Hump Day Lovies!

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PetiteLittleGirl said...

Oh wow..those shoes are super hot!