Mar 10, 2011

Retail Therapy Thursday

Technically, there's not really supposed to be much to this week's edition of RTT but alas...damn you Victorias Secret.

Ready, set, go!


{Top Here} | {Bottom Here}
Side note: sorry for the weird hybrid photo. I purchased both pieces in BLACK. Only half of VS stuff on the website can be viewed in alternative colors by clicking on the swatches.

To Top it All Off!
The perfect nude. Period.

And because I can't wear swimmies all the time...
This is how the breakdown of my will power happened: I'd been eyeing these items for some time (except the first swimmie and cover-up: those bad boys have been on my radar since last season!) and never bit the bullet because A) I wanted a promo code and B) VS doesn't do flat rate shipping (BOO VS. BOO.).

I receive emails from VS all the time, so much so that I don't read all of them. I was already aware of the $15/$30/$75 off promo they had going (which made me put things in my cart on a few different occasions but then ultimately not purchase) but then, by happenstance (or destiny???), I happened to click on an email that said there was one day left for free shipping with any bra purchase. Oh happy day!

I threw the 'must haves' in my shopping cart and came up to $167 after the $30 off $125 was applied. Then I realized that the $75 off $250 coupon would give me $250 worth of lovelies for only $175- $8 shy of what I was already spending. I can tell you are understanding how the downfall happened...I added a few more items (ultimately the cover-up and lipstick) to bring me to $251. Side note: do you have any idea how hard it is to find things that equal a specific amount? I DO. Literally, like, 45 minutes of my life was dedicated to this endeavor.


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