Mar 30, 2011

Window Shopping Wednesday

Thank you all for the lovely comments on last week's PFC #6. I didn't have access to internet due to random circumstances so not only did I not get to see your comments till I got home on Monday, I still have yet to look at all the entries (45??? Record?!) and make comments of my own. Soon pretties. Soon.

Moving on to this week's edition of WSW:

After reporting last Wednesday that I'm on the hunt for the perfect nude sandal, I popped into Aldo shortly after to see if I could get a glimpse of a few in person. They wouldn't have my size (Aldo rarely carries 5's in store) but I was looking to determine quality.

The ones I mentioned last week were very cute, but while there, I found a few more I liked:

Aldo Samella
Ok, so these aren't exactly sandals but they are a great compromise!

Aldo Santone
Happy Wednesday!

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