Dec 29, 2010

Booty Time

I love 'weather' boots. Protecting you from the elements? Check! Looking super stylish? Check!
Living in Florida we get a lot of rain in the summer so a good pair of rain boots is a definite must. A few year's ago I received these for Christmas and they are seriously the best thing in the whole world:

Burberry Knit Cuff Rain Boot.
Side note: I'm not at home right now where I can take a pic of my actual ones so I had to do a little Internet searching. This proved very difficult. That is all.
 They are extremely comfortable and I've worn them with shorts, skinny jeans, regular jeans crammed in there, even pjs. If I even think it looks like it's going to sprinkle, I bring these with me, and TRUST, they have saved me many times. I also received an umbrella to match and yes, I look quite adorable when it rains.

Rain is undoubtedly not a surprise to you, but did you know it gets cold here too? Of course I'm not talking about -6 or anything but it does get in the low 30's. In fact, yesterday I had to scrape ice off my car and my boss told me this morning that Gainesville (several hours North of me) was colder than New York this morning. Crazy. My BF also plays rec hockey and believe me they keep that rink freezing! My feet get cold pretty easy so about a year ago I splurged on myself and bought these off Gilt:

Muks half muk with tartan trim in olive
 I cannot possible explain the joy these bring me. They are beyond comfortable (the entire inside is some kind of synthetic fur) and the outside is rabbit (animal lovers look away) and it is so soft. I don't even wear socks with these; they keep my feet that warm. You can see from the pic that the bottom has quite a thick rubber wrap around sole that protects the suede from unnecessary moisture when you walk outside.

While these have kept me beyond covered in Florida, I realized I had a problem. My family has a little ski trip planned in January and I don't have any snow boots! I can't risk the muks getting grimy from snow and salt on the roads so I've been on the hunt.

Can I just say that there are a lot of freaking ugly snow boots out there? Seriously. Bad. Side note: I actually did have a pair of snow boots (somewhere in storage back in TX) that I could technically use but they look like this:
Ok these actually look better than the ones I have. Mine are shorter. I didn't buy these, my dad did so that should explain why they look like not attractive.
It seems like all the "good" ones are expensivee, holy cow! I've been looking and looking for weeks and the only ones I found that I liked (loved actually...) are these:
Sorel Joan of Arctic Snow boots
These are so cute I can't stand it. I love that they are taller which means I can tuck my skinnies in them and the fur on top is so cute! They retail for $130 which is why I hadn't purchased them yet. It was a little more than I wanted to spend. I happened to jump on over to Endless this morning and noticed these were included in the 25% off promo they've been having for a few weeks now. Why hadn't I noticed this before? I did a quick search online and not one other single retailer was offering any discount or sale of these so I decided to nab them. They only come in whole sizes and the retailer said to order down if you were in between so I snagged the black ones in a 5 (one of two sizes left in this color). Plus I took advantage of Ebates and Endless always has free 2-day shipping so my total came to about $95! Still a little pricey but boots I'll hardly get to wear but I hear Sorel has great quality so these will last me pretty much forever. Not bad for $95!

As far as boots go, it would appear I'm locked and loaded for whatever mother earth throws my way!

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SewPetiteGal said...

Ooh I really like those Burberry boots! Hope you do a future post with you modeling those and your new winter boots!