Dec 23, 2010

OTK Strikeout

As you might have already guessed, my OTK experience was sadly, not a positive one. You can see the exact boots I purchased in this post.

I've actually had these boots for a few weeks but the saga with taking my own pictures with my crappy camera finally overwhelmed me to the point of a temporary timeout. That is until I swung by Tarjey and picked myself up a handy 66" tripod. Let me tell you. Greatest invention ever.

Moving on, here are the pics. As a disclaimer, I actually took several pics of different items so there's not a whole lot of 'styling' going on here. For these pics, I only wore this wash of denim so you could see the boots, otherwise, they kinda disappeared.

Diba's on left, Guess on right.


Both of these boots totally missed the mark. The Diba's had quite a bit of 'leather' on the shaft which added ablot of mass to my legs. Although I thought I'd like the looser fit of the split back, they ended up coming off as quite hookerish. The Guess ones were better but the shaft was pretty tight and it was very difficult to get my pants to actually stay down as I pulled them up my leg. Not only that, but coupled with pants, they were too tight for my legs and caused the slighted amount of 'bulging'. Ummm so not the look I was going for. Bare legged they fit great but come on, I'm not going to pull that look anytime soon unless something happens to my day job...

I think I've gotten rid of the OTK boot itch...which is probably a good thing since it's like 100 degrees here 90% of the year....

Happy Holidays!