Dec 7, 2010

OTK on the Way!

Like many of you fashion-savvy ladies, I have really loved the OTK boot that's come back this season. To spin off what the lovely Jen of Made by Girl recently said, these are not just Pretty Woman boots anymore! Admittedly OTKs can look a little, well trashy, but paired with some classics like dark skinny jeans and a neutral palate, they can look really sophisticated. I've seen several posts of great examples of this concept, most recently by Made by Girl. Here are a few pictures she included in her post:

All of these OTKs have something in common. These boots are not just over the knee, they are thigh highs. This is very important to me. As you know, I have stubby legs and anything that hits me right at the knee makes me look very squaty. There are many OTKs that are actually only knee high and for those who can pull them off, lucky you!

Made by Girl purchased these Charles David OTKs which I am super jealous of:

While not the most expensive boots, I didn't want to spend that much since I live in Florida and boot weather is pretty scarce. Enter in these two options:

Guess Parks OTK Boots | Diba Will Oh OTK Boots
{here} and {here}
I purchased both of these boots (Guess ones were on special for $70 (50% off!!!) and Diba's were $79) to give myself a few options. I'm torn between liking the two variations of shaft: slim fitting with some slouch capabilities or a little looser fit at the top with a split at the back.

Fingers crossed that one of these will be a winner!

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