Dec 27, 2010

Super Man

Ok this is not a post about me wearing blue tights with a red cape, although I would probably rock that. Yea, I said it. There is a cape in this little story. Namely, this one:

Talbots Gray Plaid Kimono (no longer available online)
When I first saw this kimono (come on peeps, this is totally a cape, but whatever), I died. Really. Right there on the floor I dropped like a fly.

That blown out gray plaid had me at hello. Seriously Gorgeous. But at $200, kinda high for Florida. You know the drill...waited, waited, went out of stock. Go figure. Then it magically reappeared on sale for $100 and I thought, yea, that is SO happening.

When I received it, right away I was worried. It looked ginormous. Literally like a giant could wear it. When I put it on, my suspicions were sadly confirmed. See?

I even busted out the leather driving gloves for some styling goodness a'la the Talbots pic,
but even they couldn't save this fit disaster.

I tried readers, I really did, but no matter how I looked at it, I was just swimming. I really wanted to love this, but alas, tiny-ness strikes again.

Happy Monday Lovelies!


olyvia said...

was that the smallest size they had? aww bummer on the fit, cause the advertisement picture is gorgeous and the plaid print is so nice too!

Sisters Sincere said...

Honestly the sizing should have been a dead giveaway: S/M and L/XL buuut you can't blame a girl for trying to rock that awesomeness!