Dec 1, 2010

Victorias Secret Review

A few weeks ago I purchased several things from VS online and am just now getting to the review. As a disclaimer, I took these photos kind of on the fly so my head is cut off because, well I'll just say it, I was looking less than stunning. Also, I was kinda tired and didn't want to hunt down all the links to these items but I believe they are all in stock and can be found on the VS website.

First up we have this shirt:

  • On Sale
  • Pretty Color
  • Cheap looking since the material was really thin
  • The stitching on the bust was so not helping the girls
  • The V neck was a little too low to not be self conscious.
Verdict: Return

Next we have this top which I thought was gorgeous:

Yea I know this is wrinkled as hell and I'm also not wearing the best bra. I said these pics were on the fly, geez...

Again, wrinkled but the bow detail on the back was really pretty on the model.
  • LOVED the powder pink
  • The bow on the back was so sweet
  • AGAIN with the cheap fabric. This was so thin that I thought if I washed it, it would develop those little tiny holes in 2.5 seconds.
Verdict: Return

I also obsessed over this tunic for a few months before buying it:

  • LOVED the pattern. It was just so pretty!
  • I liked the little lace/fishnet panel on the front. It's a little hard to see when I'm wearing it so I included a picture of it laying flat.
  • I'm beginning to think that VS uses the cheapest fabric possible to make their cloths. In the pictures this tunic looked like a nice jersey. But in reality it was a shear polyester or some garbage.
  • The arm holes were way too low.
  • There wasn't enough fabric on the top to make this look proportional. I think I ended up looking like a big cone, ie, not cute.
  • The way the fabric was gathered on the butt was just not flattering.
Verdict: Shock? Return

After all these disasters, I did like the swimmies I got:

 I actually had purchased the bottoms on the right a while back but couldn't find a top I liked enough to go with it because the one also pictured above was sold out. It came back in stock and I snatched it up!

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