Dec 30, 2010

Things I Will Not be Wearing on New Year's Eve

About a month ago I purchased a few dressed from Victorias Secret as possible candidates for New Year's. From the reviews of VS I've done recently, it is now clear that their clothes just do not work for me. They either A. Don't fit, or B. Are poor quality. Well sadly I got hit with reason "A" this time around.

Here are the dresses I purchased which (or course) look great on the models:
VS Ruched Crewneck Sweater Dress

VS Banded Bottom Dress
Both options would have been really cute for New Year's but I had my heart set on the sweater dress because I loved the pattern. I purchased the snake print dress really for work and I liked the colorway.

Here are the pictures of me wearing them:

The length was good on this dress and could be adjusted a bit because of the ruching. The sleeves were a little long but the pattern helped hide the extra fabric. It's hard to tell in the photo but this dress is cut funny. The seams that go along the side actually twist to that the right one ends up in front right between the legs and the left one ends up in the same place in the back. It made the dress sort of rise up in the part making the dress a little risque. I also could FEEL that seam in the most unpleasant of ways on my back side. There was also tons of extra fabric around the torso as illustrated in the picture on the left. Overall it just wasn't flattering so I'll be returning it.

Here's the second dress:


As you can see, the actual color of this dress is WAY off of the pic online and I hated it. The fit was also bad. The top portion was cut a little large with no real definition in the bust area so the girls got a little lost and the length hit me at an unflattering spot. This one will be going back as well.

Since these were a bust and I'm a procrastinator, it is now Thursday and I still don't know what I'm wearing...guess you'll find out!

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